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Our Motorcycle Training Courses

Join SOMSA Motorcycle Training and let us guide you through every stage of getting your motorcycle licence, from beginner to advanced. Whether you're starting out or looking to upgrade your graduated licence, we're here to ride with you every step of the way.

M2 Training

  • Balancing, braking, cold starting, moving off, stopping, correct gear changing, signaling and shoulder checking, slow riding and interactive riding are covered in the M1 Exit course.
  • Classroom and on-the-bike training are included, with motorcycles provided.
  • Successfully completing all instruction and the final test (M1 Exit) makes individuals eligible for an M2 licence.

$525 + HST.

M Training

  • Course designed to prepare students for their final motorcycle riding (M2 Exit test). Three segments: classroom portion, range (Parking lot) portion, and on-road (street) portion.
  • Successfully completing all instruction on the and the final test (M2 Exit) makes individuals eligible for an M2 license.

$439 + HST.

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